Overpopulation In China Essay

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Overpopulation is a condition that is undesirable. Overpopulation is one of the problems that people concern it to. One of the serious countries facing this problem is China. Reports in China show that it has about 1.38 billion people in this country (Worldometers, n.d.); it has about one over seven population of world’s population. China is the fourth largest land after Russia, Canada and United States in the world (Central Intelligence Agency, n.d.). Although China’s land is not as big as Russia or Canada, but their number of people make up more than three countries. Overpopulation in China is one of the serious problems that the world is facing because it brings unemployment, exhaustion of natural resources and also environmental pollution.
Why is China’s population more than other country, because in 1949, Mao Ze Dong encouraged Chinese families to have more children because he wanted to build a better army and produce more food to the people after World War II (Asia Pacific, 2014). He though that had more population can bring more money to produce the food
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The largest economy country is America, after that the second is China. The People’s Republic of China (2016) had reported that China’s economy is still running within a reasonable range although China is facing about downtrend of economic. "The Chinese economy has great potential, resilience and flexibility, and we will capitalize on such strengths," reported by Mcdonald, J., & Traynor, P. (2016). Some of the things that manufactured in China, example ipone, ipod and mac book that which design at California manufactured at China. China has a great market demand and rich of materials, reported from The People’s Republic of China (2016). Actually, China is a good market for the business, because of their pollution is more than other countries so their requirements are more than other

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