Overeducation And Overqualification

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i) Overeducation and Overqualification
There are certain characteristics that determines the earnings and the productivity according to the human capital theory and these individual characteristics are also called as the qualification. Qualification of an individual in simple words can be associated with the components like years of experience ,schooling, graduation and the time duration of such studies and so on. Along with them there are other skills as well such as leadership skills, teamwork skills that constitutes the proxies for a multitude of specific skills. The effect of the skill is the enhancing of the wage and the productivity at the work normally. When an overqualified individual is hired he or she gets a salary lower than
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This data has been published by the Cedefop. It was also published that those people who graduated after the year 2008 are twice more vulnerable to be overqualified as compared to those who graduated in 1991-2000. And also 26% of the EU adult employees have a high degree of the skills deficits and hence they are not efficient in their jobs(EPALE, 2016)
The term of overqualification has come into picture due to economic slowdown especially in those countries where unemployment rate is quite high. There are drawbacks of overqualification for both the organization and the employees and in same way it also has benefits for the organization as well as the employees.( Erdogan Berrin etal, 2011:215)
“Overqualification is a situation where the individual has the surplus skills, knowledge, abilities, education, experience and other qualification that are not required or utilized on the job.” ( Erdogan Berrin etal, 2011:217).
In general overqualification affects a variety of people such as employees, immigrants temporary workers, older workers, employees with disabilities young workers, and so on. ( Erdogan Berrin etal,
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The most popular explanation for the effect of overqualification includes the deprivation theory, equity theory and the P-J fit theory. The deprivation theory states the person feels that similar others have access to the outcome they want and they are entitled to and they are unable to get it and finally as a result they feel themselves deprived . The theory of equity compares input of the individual like education, skills and so on and the output of the individual like pay and so on and which further results in developing a sense of unfairness. The persons in this type of situation react in ways like leaving the situation, changing their perception, reducing their performance and so on. In the P-J fit theory the qualification of the person exceeds the requirements of the job and as s result the person develops the poor performance and the poor job attitude. ( Erdogan Berrin etal,

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