Overtime And Marital Strain Case Study

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Overtime and marital strain
Table 11 revealed that marital strain was not dependent on the duration of overtime spent at the hospitals. The reason may be that overtime was not the problem on regular basis. It depends upon the emergencies occurred at the hospital. The need of professional, skilled nurses will increase as the population ages while the shortage of nurses is the reality already. Nurses are stressed further by inconvenient working hours like extensive working hours, weekend work, evening and night-time work, insufficient breaks during working shift, and even having to take on two jobs in order to make reasonable pay. Stress experienced in the field of nursing is on the increase even though work-related strain in other fields is
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There is a sharp impact of unsociable hours of work on the health and performance of nurses who are partner of 24 hours working society since ages. It is important for the policy makers of health service organizations that personal, socio-cultural and environmental perspective of the nurses be given due attention. Shift planning should be arranged in such a way that it does not create any physiological and psychological stress. Policies should be worked out for effective napping techniques and to improve the environment. The provision of effective facilities as given below can help the shift workers to cope…show more content…
If they fail to recognize and address sleep deprivation as a serious health issue, nursing shortage will be more acute. Nurse managers/matron has a responsibility to formulate strategies to assist those who find it difficult to work at night. For shift worker (nurses), the research enforces the importance of family support and family involvement in moderating shift work’s potentially negative effects. Strategies are needed to assist nurses to promote sleep health within the complex context of their own sleep needs, organizational demands, and domestic responsibilities. Education in stress recognition and reduction techniques is helpful. Generally, nurses do not get time for exercise, which is a matter of concern because exercise is necessary to keep oneself physically fit especially in case of nurses, whose most of the time is spent in static position. The hospital management should encourage them for daily physical exercise. Exercise may include rotating exercise for neck, hands, feet and waist
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