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Nia Ashley Professor BoBo History 2030-02 20 September 2016 Overton County Did you know Tennessee was the 16th state? People typically do not know the history behind their state. Tennessee became a state June 1, 1796, and now consists of 95 counties. Counties are what makes up a state and breaks down different subdivisions, without these counties states would have no direction and be one enormous blob. Tennessee is known to be three states in one which include West, Middle, and East Tennessee. Tennessee was said to be founded by Hernando De Soto in 1567 in the southern region. It is also known as the Volunteer state which ranges from about 42, 181 square miles long and 6.549 million people. Overton County is Tennessee 6th congressional district…show more content…
In the state of Tennessee one does not often hear about Livingston on the news. With the town not being that big it would be hard to have such a high crime rate. As for every jail system Overton county has it procedures as well. Overton county will put the criminal in a jail holding cell and later ask for any basic information. It is always important to get an inmates medical and mental history because anything can happen within a jail cell and one would need to know what to do or how to react. As most jails do, they also finger print a criminal so they will automatically be in the system now. After doing all that mugshots normally come next. As stated in the sheriff’s department handbook “A mugshot, also known as a booking picture, is the picture that the jails takes during jail intake processing. A mugshot is make of one frontal photo and profile picture” (Site Admin). In Overton County jail systems one can get out of jail for good behavior, house arrest, or even work release. This jail systems cares about the safety of their inmates; they ask that their inmates do not be stocked or criticized while being looked up. As reported by Overton County city data crime is not too much of a problem with little murders going on. But a small county can have it fair share of interesting stories every blue moon. According to Overton County News an escapee was caught in Lebanon, Tennessee. The sheriff department reported “Mr. Covey traveled across town on foot to a residence on Goodpasture Street, where he stole a white 1990 Infiniti" (Dewain). Things like this did not happen often in the county of Overton. This arousal had to give the small county a horrific
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