Overuse Injuries In Sports Essay

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Many kids are wanting to pursue a career in sports, but are these kids pushing themselves too hard? The answer is yes, these kids want to work tremendously hard to advance as an athlete. What this means is kids are getting more and more injuries. This is called overuse injuries, which is a very serious condition for these children. Here are some consequences and solutions to overuse injuries. There are many causes of overuse injuries, and this is due to the kids working too hard. According to the article, "Let's Bring Back the Joy!", it states that kids are having to deal with relentless years of training for sports. Kids are dealing with an extensive amount of pressure to try to be the best (Crouch pg.13). Particularly, kids take sports…show more content…
For instance, one solution would be to take breaks. According to the video, The Scope 5:Sports Safety, talks about taking breaks, building intensity, and using proper technique. Taking at least one day off is vital to staying healthy when playing sports. Using proper technique is to make sure that the players perform their movements correctly, that way they don't break anything. Build intensify gradually is to gradually work up to how much you practice each week, which is about 10 percent. Certainly, these solutions will end up working as long as they are done the proper way. They all will avert these overuse injuries from happening. A second solution to overuse injuries would be to play a variety of sports. Mark Hyman writes, "Playing with a variety of sports will keep you from burning out and make you a better all-around athlete." (p.13). Instead of focusing on one sport all year round, young athletes can have less stress and have fun with many more sports. Additionally, young athletes will never get tired and worn out with their favorite sports. The message is clear that young athletes really can prevent themselves from overuse injuries by playing a variety of sports. However, athletes don't always prevent themselves from overuse injuries. This is because they feel the need to work hard on one sport and try to pursue their career. Particularly, they like to push themselves
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