Overuse Of Technology Essay

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My modest proposal on the issue of the overuse of technology and how it is affecting the different types of age groups in a varying ways.

Technology has not always been a good thing. It has affected us in many different ways, I have to admit that some of them were good. The use of technology had helped us be open minded and more accepting of other information. The knowledge that I have about this issue is relevant a reliable, I am part of the society that was introduced to internet when we were babies. I may not be part of the newest generation but my interaction with them makes me a witness of this intriguing and destructive phenomenon.

“A 2010 UK study identified Nomophobia (that’s no-mobile-phone phobia) in 55% of the population who experienced clear symptoms of anxiety and stress without their mobile phones handy. And yes, these kinds of numbers are on the rise, with a TIME Mobility Poll in 2012 discovering 84% of phone users can’t fathom a day without cellular
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Some of the more well known side effects are cyber bullying, coercion and blackmailing. All of the previously mentioned effects of technology and social media can sometimes end up with horrible consequences, some of which might affect you…show more content…
We have to quit cold turkey, never again in our lives will we use the internet or any other technology. This society needs a rehabilitation center, we need to treat internet addiction as any other addiction. We need you, the government, to fund these rehabilitation centers because the internet is dangerous and technology gives us way to numb ourselves out of our lives. The constant use of cellphones and other devices make us become isolated from the immediate world around us. Yes maybe you are talking to your friend in Paris, but what about all of the other friends that are sitting in the same table you
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