Overused Trope Figurative Language

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After analyzing section three, I am able to determine that the author repeats ideologies and terms to emphasize their importance. The first significant term is kairos, which means to utilize the situation and occasion. An example of kairos occurs before school starts and stores place clothes and supplies on sale. All the students are searching for a fresh outfit with the purpose of wearing on the first day of school and so stores mark towards the students with back-to-school commercials and low prices. Commonly used figures of speech that switch one concept or idea for another are tropes. One overused trope is irony. Irony is an action or words that show one meaning on the outside but has a completely different meaning on the inside, frequently people will…show more content…
While running, every time another runner sprints past me, I always think to myself, “either this guy is a storming cheetah or he’s gonna die out.” All of these tropes work great for persuading the audience. But on the occasion that you are on the defending side, it is a necessity to twist the expression. One way to twist an expression is to take it literally. Heinrichs provides the reader with a notable example on page 207, “Friend: ‘It’s a great book for killing time.’ Response: ‘Sure, if you like it better dead.’” Supposing that you successfully give the figurative expression a twist, the audience will be extremely impressed and likely to listen to whatever else you have to say. An effective way to persuade someone is to narrow down their options and create an either/or situation known as dialysis. Give someone two (biased) options, one that sounds amazing and the other option, not as exciting. When you give someone two options, usually the choose between the two and forget that there is always more choices to choose from. After a late night race, I might use dialysis to convince my parents for a nice meal, “Mom, can we go to Sauce for

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