Ovid And Plato's The Allegory Of The Cave

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Ovid is an exceptionally recognized for devoting his life to poetry. He is honored for his numerous literary works that communicate through sophistication and rhythm. Through his works, he was able to show different presentations of life. Such as what can and can not happen in one’s life journey. He was successful in having similar literary themes from his work Metamorphoses Book X to Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave. Ovid expressed the themes of mimesis, transcendence and eros in his renown literary epic Metamorphoses Book X. Mimesis is looked into in many way throughout this epic. It is considered the act of imitation or to copy in literature. By duplicating reality, such as recreating life events, but it removes from the truth. This theme is especially apparent in the story Myrrha. Cinyras, the son of Paphos, had a daughter named Myrrha. Who ended up having romanic feelings for her own father. She was so humiliated by these feelings that she planned on…show more content…
An example how it is used in Metamorphoses Book X is through story of Orpheus wedding. It starts off with the god of marriage, Hymen who brings bad energies to wedding. Then Orpheus’ finance, Eurodyce dies by stepping on a venous snake. Orpheus is so upset that he goes underworld to try to see if she could come back to him. As he arrives Proserpina and Pluto are there, so he starts to find a song showing his love for his wife, and asking for her back. All the underworld gods are touched by his song, so they give him a choice. She can come back only if he walks away without looking back at her, or she will be gone forever. As they are on their way back to the regular world, he looks back at her, and she vanishes. He tries to go back to the underworld, but is forbidden to cross over. The eros is present in this story thought Orpeheus’ unconditional love for his new wife, that he tried to do what he had in his power to get her
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