Thomas Bulfinch's Influence On Odysseus

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Publius Ovidius Naso or better known as Ovid is responsible for writing the original myth of Apollo and Daphne or Daphne and Phoebus although many translations has been published by other authors like Thomas Bulfinch. In 43 B.C., he was born on the twentieth of the third month and this was the time when Julius Caesar has just been killed. He grew up in a town where it has been cut off from the capital because of the conflicts that has taken place in a political sense which is in the eastern part of Rome called Sulmo. His chosen career in life, a poet, is something that he has found easy to do which is during his early twenties and peace finally rests in the country. His poetry works consistently has the elegiac tone and he is still able to…show more content…
Born during the year of 1796 in Massachusetts but then lives in Boston, Washington, and other cities with his brothers, ending his journey in life after 71 years, the year 1867. It is said that his family and relatives were well-known and had quite a good reputation in their town during those days.

The story has taken place right after Apollo defeats the giant serpent at the foot of Mt. Parnassus so, it is assumed that even the chase that happened between Apollo and Daphne is somewhere near there because it is not specified as to where exactly it occurred except that they were running in the woods. It is therefore concluded that the setting of this myth is not prioritized or has a special role in regards of why and how that happened. Although, every story should have a definite place or setting where the events
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Apollo – also known as Phoebus who is the God of Prophecy, Song and Lyre, and Medicine who is skilled in using arrows. He falls deeply in love with the nymph, Daphne, after Cupid shoots him with an arrow that pierces his heart because of boasting his capabilities with his weapon that he doesn’t see fit for the fellow god.
2. Daphne – the nymph daughter of the river God, Peneus, who suddenly detests falling in love and marrying anyone after being shot by Cupid. She likes to hunt in the woods and thereafter chooses a life like the goddess and huntress, Diana.
B. Antagonists
1. Cupid – called Eros in Greek which is the God of Desire or what others call Love who strikes Apollo and Daphne with two different arrows; one for love and the other resisting it. He is also known to be a mischievous boy who likes to play with his arrows, striking anybody he will come to like which usually ruins the victims’ lives because of it.
2. Peneus – the river God and the father of Daphne who is seen as an easygoing person, giving in to his daughters’ wishes even though it is not what he wants for
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