Owen Meany Character Analysis

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In the book A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, my favorite character is Owen Meany. I admire the way he cares about his friends and is willing to do anything for them. He is concerned about John coming to Vietnam, so he cuts off his finger in order to prevent him from going into the war. This would be a very hard thing to do, but he cares a lot about John and wants to protect him. Another thing I enjoy is Owen’s jokes and humor. He constantly lightens the mood with his clever remarks.I also love how confident he is. Although he is rather short and has a distinct voice, he has never been insecure or worried about it. He is sure of himself and trust in his abilities. He is not afraid to speak out about what he believes and try to make things…show more content…
One thing is how strongly he believes and trust in God. Although Owen has visions of his death, he trust that God has a purpose for him and that everything will work out for the best. He repeatedly says that he is “God’s instrument”. Also, Owen genuinely wants to help other people. Dan tried to get Owen to participate in one of his shows but Owen refused. However, when Mr. Morrison backs out of the show, Owen steps in and fills his role. He does this in order to help Dan because he knows how important these shows are to Dan and others who are in them. Another thing I can see about Owen is how sorry he is about Tabitha’s death. He shows this by cutting off the claws of the armadillo. This was very symbolic to show that they were both very hurt by what happened to Tabitha and that he would do anything to help Johnny. In addition, I recognized about Owen is very persistent in winning an argument. One example of this is with Mr. White. Even though Owen has been expelled from the academy, he bolts the statue to the floor in front of the podium. Thus proving a point and causing Mr. White to have to stand exposed instead of in his usual spot behind the podium. I am able to learn a lot about Owen just from the things he does and
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