Owen Meany

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In A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, Owen tries to convince Mr. Morrison, the mailman, to play the Ghost of Christmas Future in the Christmas Pageant and is disinclined because he feels his part would not be scary enough. At that moment, Owen drops a bomb on him and tells him that “THERE’S NOTHING AS SCARY AS THE FUTURE” (Irving 195). He then proceeds to describe to him the recent events of what has happened, his premonition of his fate, and his faith that God has a role for him and that he must oblige. Even though Owen’s reason for telling Mr. Morrison his beliefs is to convince him to play the role, the quote is still impactful and visible in the lives of many high school students and especially my life. The impact of the future has…show more content…
Specifically, I have known what I want to do as a career for the past 12 years. Since I was five, I have always wanted to be a neurosurgeon as a result of an experience in church and my love for helping others. I vividly remember an experience in church a long time ago where I had asked my mother what was wrong with the boy in front of me who seemed to be acting abnormal and my mother had told me that the child most likely had some type of cerebral problem. At that moment, I declared, “One day, I am going to help people like him so that they can live normal lives”. If that isn’t a sign from God, I do not know what is. Ever since then, I have been planning my quest to eventually become a neurosurgeon. This includes my involvement in community service activities as they have exemplified my love for helping others. These activities have pushed me to become a neurosurgeon because there is something special in helping those less fortunate than me. Furthermore, I personally feel as if medicine is the best medium in order to express this…show more content…
Taking my career choice into consideration was key in my decision which for most people is a long, difficult, and tedious process. The university I will be attending next fall is Washington University in St. Louis. I immediately fell in love with the school as a result of the academic programs, its community, and the classic Midwestern hospitality that I have gotten used to after having lived most of my life in Nebraska. I believe that this university specifically will help me achieve my goal of eventually becoming a neurosurgeon and making a difference in medicine and the world. My talents will be best served and exemplified at a university of this nature and will push me to go for the stars and accomplish my
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