Owin Summary

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Owin The story is about a boy named Michael Smith who is a teenager. Michael wakes up one morning and noticed on the news that they are talking about the death of a girl killed in his town. Michael suddenly realizes that the girl who was killed is actually his girlfriend. Michael soon feels with despair, so his family all come together to help him grieve they pray. A month later, the police arrives at Michael’s door to ask him some questions about the death of his girlfriend. The police tell Michael that he was the one who killed his girlfriend, they know this because his friend told them. The police arrest him and he goes to jail. The central theme of the story is the fear of the truth because in the story Joe is filled with fear that he might’ve killed his girlfriend. The formal elements of the story: The story is told in first person, which really works because the readers feel and think the same confusion Michael does. The characterization of Michael is done well. What I enjoyed about the story is how the author gives the readers little flashbacks to the relationship Michael had his girlfriend. -The story kind of seem “unreal” to be because in the story the police just walk in and take Michael away with little evidence. It would’ve help if the police had a sufficient amount of evidence to arrest Michael. Greg…show more content…
Joes suddenly hears a cry coming from outside, he goes to investigate and notice that is an animal outside. Joe decides to take the animal in and care for it. Few years later, Joe heads to the zoo with his family and at the zoo Joe notices that a girl has fallen into the animal’s habituate. Joe and the zookeepers’ rushes over to save her. The animal kills the zookeepers leaving only the girl and Joe. Joe realizes that death is soon upon them. The animal halts and notices that Joe is the one who saved him, so he does not kill
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