Owl Creek Bridge Mood

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Mood and Tone Essay An occurrence at owl Creek Bridge and the notorious jumping frog are two well-rounded short stories. With great plot and story lines throughout both stories, it allows people to think deeper and analyze different aspects of the story. For instance, the authors tone and how it affects the reader’s mood as the story carries on. With analyzing the tone readers can get into the mind of the author and feel or think how the author was when the story was written. In An occurrence at owl Creek Bridge, the authors tone is very much so a bitter and cynical one. When the author writes about a convicted man “engaged in being hanged” the reader can automatically tell the tone or connection the author has with the story (Line 33). This tone worked quite well throughout the story. The author was able to describe the hanging with great detail and precision but gave off a sense of detachment to the reader. Almost like the author was the messenger telling the reader blankly what occurred…show more content…
He sits there listening to this man’s story and can’t believe that he has wasted so much time talking to this guy. Even the readers become somewhat annoyed as well just because the author does such a great job expressing his emotions through the story. “I asked old Wheeler about him, it would remind him of his infamous Jim Smiley and he would go to work and bore me to death with some exasperating reminiscence of him as long and as tedious as it should be useless to me (Line 5-8).” This is the fifth line from the story and already the author is expressing his boredom and strong want to not hear any more about this “Jim Smiley.” The author expressed how annoyed he was at the man early on in the story to set a precedent for the rest of the story and to help the reader get into and feel the same way that he does towards the man. Therefore, the overall tone and mood of the story are annoyed and
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