Owlpaw: A Short Story

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Owlpaw, padded through the forest, her green eyes were transfixed on the entrance to the RiverClan camp. Her mentor Sundawn followed wordlessly behind her. Owlpaw had just completed her final assessment and was hoping to earn her Warrior name. Owlpaw had yet to know whether or not she had passed her assessment. The golden she cat prayed silently to StarClan hoping she had passed. The RiverClan camp was bustling with activity as, Owlpaw entered. The golden she cat padded up to her sister, Lilacpaw and sat next to her. "How did your assessment go?" Lilacpaw asked. "Fine." Owlpaw answered. "I just hope I passed." She said with a sigh. Finally a few moments later Sundawn emerged from Birchstar 's den her face bore no expression. Owlpaw got to her paws and padded to her mentor. "Did I pass?" She asked her gaze hopeful.…show more content…
Owlpaw padded up onto the rock and stopped when she was standing next to her leader. She waited in anticipation for her leader to start speaking. "I Birchstar leader of, RiverClan call upon my warrior ancestors to look upon this young apprentice. She has trained well and I commend her as a warrior in your turn." He yowled. Turning to Owlpaw the RiverClan leader made eye contact with the young cat. "Owlpaw, do you promise to be loyal to your Clan and protect it with your life?" Owlpaw nodded in determination. "I will!" "Then my the power of StarClan, Owlpaw from this moment forward you will be known as, Owlfeather. RiverClan honors your courage and loyalty and we welcome you as a full member of RiverClan! Birchstar leaned forward and touched noses with, Owlfeather while Owlfeather licked her leaders shoulder to show respect afterwards. Owlfeather swelled with pride as the other cats started to cheer using her new name. Owlfeather leaped down to join her former mentor, Sundawn. " I 'm so proud of you." she purred. Owlfeather purred but before she could reply she was pushed away by her happy clanmates wishing her luck for the moons to

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