Own Whirligig Experiment

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Own Whirligig Experiment: The teacher will say, “Now that we have done one experiment together, you and your group members are going to do another one based on a slip of paper I give you. The slip of paper will have an independent variable. Your group will create 3 whirligigs, just like the last experiment, based on this independent variable. An example would be if your slip of paper says the overall size, your group will make three whirligigs that are different sizes and test them. You can use the materials on your trays. If a material is not there do not worry, I will hand it out shortly. Also, make sure you get a picture of your three whirligigs on an iPad because you and your group are going to make a Popplet at the end of the experiment. After your Popplet is created you will present it in front of the class.” (Everyone should know how to use the Poppet App because they have used it…show more content…
The teacher will say, “Please fill out the rest of your thinking log as you do your experiment; it is the same layout as the one we just did. So, you are going to write the independent and dependent variable, the research question, the constants, the data table, and your claim. There is also a spot on the fifth page where you will need to fill out how you did the experiment. The only part you will not fill out is the list of your classmates’ discoveries on the last page, we will fill that out after the Popplet presentations.” The teacher will make sure to answer questions if there are any. The teacher will then hand out one slip of paper that contains the independent variable to each group. If a group gets a slip of paper that says thickness of paper, the teacher will need to give the group different types of paper. The teacher will also give each group an iPad so, they can create their Popplet. The students will be given time to work on their experiment and to collect their

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