Cabin Air Filter System Analysis

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Owning a car comes with the responsibility of learning to maintain it and keep it looking brand new for years. This is why it is important for every car owner to understand the different types of services, repairs and upgrades that are needed. While it all comes down to how much attention every individual owner chooses to give its vehicle, it is important to understand nonetheless. A well maintained car is bound to bother you less over time and continue to provide smooth running.
Car maintenance covers different services and depending on the type of your car, may vary. The following is a list of preventative maintenance checks. This covers the most basic services that are also required the most frequently. Anyone who has owned a car for more
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The air filter needs to be checked regularly and changed as soon it is dirty. The car’s manual should have a recommendation for how frequently the filter needs to be changed, but again, this is also largely dependent on the climate and frequency of usage. Driving for long hours or in heavily polluted areas is going to collect more dust in the filter.

• Cabin air filter system: This is an important step that must not be skipped, especially for those that drive in a heavily polluted cities, or where there is a lot of pollen and dust in the atmosphere. Cabin air filters may not be present in a lot of older car models, but most cars have this filter, and it contributes tremendously to your driving experience. The cabin air filter is devoted to filtering out the air that is let in your car cabin, and can very efficiently filter out dust, smog, allergens and harmful
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Electricity from the battery goes to a coil that produces owner. Some vehicles have two coils, and these coils can deteriorate. Spark plug wires can also wear out or accumulate a deposit of carbon, which reduces engine efficiency. Generally, consider having copper spark plugs inspected and repaired around 30,000 miles while those built with better material like Iridium can last up to 10,000 miles.

• Windshield wipers: This may seem trivial, but it is as significant as checking other internal parts. Windshield wipers are very cheap and do not need to be replaced frequently, so replace them as soon as you notice wear. Twice a year or more is recommended if you live in cold climates with fog and snow.

• Tires rotation and balancing: Instead of waiting to have your tires replaced completely, make it a habit to have their rotation and balance checked every few months. This will make your tires last longer. Also, alignment can be easily checked periodically and rectified
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