Owning Exotic Animals In Lauren Slater's Wild Obsession

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When you were little you might of dreamed of owning a pet tiger, monkey, bear, or some other crazy animal. Maybe you begged and begged your parents and finally one day they said maybe with the intention to never get you that crazy animal, but of course you didn 't know about that last part. However today it seem like it not just the kids who want exotic pets. Adults want this type of pet too, and if they actual have the money to get one, it turns out you can have a tiger as a pet. Take that mom and dad! You many think it would be very hard to become an owner of an exotic pet, but turns out it can be easier them getting a dog or a cat. In the article, Wild Obsession, Lauren Slater states “privately owning exotic animals is currently permitted in a handful of states with essentially no restrictions: You must have a licence to own a dog, but you are free to purchase a lion or baboon and keep it as a pet.” due to this lack of registration on exotic animals we have no idea how many are currently in the United States. Slater mentions that there are at least five thousand tigers here in the United States. While some do…show more content…
As the title of this article suggests these animals are wild. Sure, some may be less wild than others, but they are still far from being domesticated. These animals can also carry diseases that can cause humans to become sick. Sure some of these wild animals can be very sweet, but even your domesticated dog will bite you if you step on his tail. What will happen to you if you stepped of the tail of your pet wolf? Your pet cat has been out of the wild for hundreds of generations, yet it still has the instincts to hunt. A bear that was removed from the wild as a cub will definitely still learn how to hunt and kill. This puts you in danger if you are trying to keep this animal as pet. As Slater states in her article “And though such animals are no longer wild, neither are they
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