Ox Diazole Lab Report

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1.Introduction: Ox diazole, a heterocycles nucleus has attracted a wide attention of the chemist in search for new therapeutic molecules.Five member heterocycles compounds show various type of biological activities among than 2,5-distributed 1,3,4-ox diazole are associated with diverse biological activities [2]. Various biological activities like antimicrobial, anti-tubercular, anti-inflammatory, Anticonvulsant [3], Hypnotic , Anesthetic activity [4]. 1,3,4-ox diazole showed antibacterial properties similar to those of well known sulfonamide drugs. The ox diazole nucleus with N=C-S linkage exhibits a large number of pharmacological activities [5]. Sulfone derivatives containing heterocycles moiety are known for their interesting antifungal bioactivities and have attracted considerable attention in pesticide and medicinal formulation. A large number of report on their synthesis and biological activities have shows during the last three years [6].…show more content…
There are numerous biologically active molecules with five member rings, containing two hetero atoms. 2-Azetidinone is an important scaffold known to be associated with several biological activities. 2-Azetidinone is still the most widely described antibiotics in medicine [13]. 2-Azetidinone derivatives possess wide therapeutic activity viz. Sedative, Hypnotics, Anticonvulsant [14], Herbicidal and Antibacterial [15]. They are also effective on the central nervous system [16]. A large number of 3-chloro monocyclic β- lactase have been prepared by cycloaddition of β, β-distributed examines with aryl isothiocyanates which possess a powerful Antibacterial activity

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