Ox-Tail Soup Analysis

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The Ox-tail soup is used as a mean of communication of Tita’s memories. After a while her sister’s family moved out, and their child died soon later. When Tita heard the news; she is going crazy, she yells and talk back to her Mama Elena. Mama Elena is so mad of Tita’s disrespect then she whips Tita in the face with a wooden spoon; then broke Tita’s nose. Soon after Tita gets kick out by her Mama, but Dr.John allows Tita live at his house, but Tita condition is bad, Tita loses her memory because of the suffer “after tasting a spoonful of soup that Chencha had made and brought to Dr.John Brown’s house Tita had returned to her senses” (Esquivel 123). After tasting the soup Tita remembers the time that she made the Ox-tail soup in the kitchen
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