Coventry Cyrenians Case Study

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The aim of the paper is to provide the case study on the Coventry Cyrenians on the basis of the leadership and management while comparing it with the international non-profit organisations like Oxfam. It is evident from the paper that the nature of the discussion is solely based on the innovation of services and products due to the increasing competition in the sector. The paper is therefore also providing the influence of the external factors on the selected non-profit organisation to reflect the understanding of the innovation and enterprise in development of the social economy.
Overview of Coventry Cyrenians
The Coventry Cyrenians is non-profitable organisations providing its services for homeless and vulnerable people. The aim of the organisation is to help people in different ways such as providing accommodation and hope while ensuring the achievement of
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The promotion of transformative leadership is considerably important for the Oxfam. The Oxfam can compare its leadership theory with the aspects of the Coventry because leadership of Oxfam considers the promotion of gender based justice involving the participation and leadership of women. Oxfam has considered the transformative leadership for the rights of women as the important goal of work as well as strategy reflecting the work (Riggio & Orr, 2004). It can be said that the transformative leadership considers the enhancement of content leadership or the ways through which people consider the implementation of their leadership. Simultaneously, the leadership capacity is all about establishing the achievement of something or the changing something. For instance, the organisation considers the establishment of leadership capacity for mobilising the people or policy makers for reforming the inequitable laws of gender while transforming the power relations between people (Riggio & Orr,
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