Oxidation-Reduction Reflection

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Introduction As a 9th grader in a Science High School, we take up advanced classes, compared to regular schools. I must admit, I’m not a ‘science’ type of person, I am more on the ‘algebra’ side of things. Most of us in my class kept asking each other how ‘this’ can be done and how it turned to ‘that’. With the help of my classmates who have mastered the lesson than most of us, I was able to get more correct answers. Although, I am a beginner in this field, the aim of this module is to guide the user through a step-by-step guide for oxidation-reduction reaction. This module contains the basic steps from start to finish of combining and balancing chemical equations that I, myself, have learned and spent hours trying to. From all of our 3rd quarter lessons, I have chosen to create a module for ‘redox’. This was the hardest lesson for me because I never got it at first. I had no idea how to assign these various oxidation numbers, how to identify the oxidizing and reducing agents, etc. But through spending hours and days trying to figure out how the process works, through countless YouTube and other online tutorials, and thick, heavy books, I have finally absorbed the idea and the process. I am still not a pro in this field, I just think I have gathered and remembered enough information to apply what I have learned. I hope that this module would equip you with the knowledge and skill in doing redox. 1 What is an Oxidation-Reduction Reaction?

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