Oxidized Dextran Lab Report

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Oxidized dextran was reacted with sodium periodate to oxidize. Preparation of Oxidized dextran was done by dissolving dextran (10g) in 100mL of distilled water, then a desired amount of NaIO4. This solution was stirred at a room temperature and shielded from light for 6 hours. The oxidation was terminated by the addition of 2 ml f ethylene glycol. To get the final Odex, the resulting solution was exhaustively dialyzed against water for three days and lyophilized. This resulted in a 75% isolated yields. The dissolution of Gelatin in Phosphate Buffered Sodium was done to a final concentration of 5 wt% at a room temperature. EDC and ethylenediamine were added to the gelatin solution. The solution was in the ratio of 1:2:40 (carboxyl groups: EDC:

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