Oxtail Soup Summary

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The author begins the reading with describing a dinner with his wife at Korean restaurant, which includes him ordering the wrong food due to confusion between 2 Korean words (23)

There is a definition for a Korean dish galbi-chin:

Galbi-chin: braised short ribs (23),

There is a definition for a Korean dish galbitang

Galbitang: Oxtail Soup (23)

The author describes an obvious difference between his heritage and his wife’s heritage: “[..] Our culinary union is best described as Land of Rice meets Land of Cheese.” (23)

A very interesting bit of information that caught my eye was pertaining to the Korean culture is that the number 4 being bad luck to Koreans (24)

An implication of American culture and its food as source for the author’s
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This involves relearning the Korean language while keeping Korean food and American in the same refrigerator to symbolize coexist. (29)

Food: A Reader for Writers: “Tasteless” by David Sedaris

The author utilizes a 2nd person perspective for the reader when he states a correlation between taste and smoke: “One of the things they promise when you quit smoking is that food will regain its flavor.” (30)

David Sedaris readily discerns his inability to flavor when tasting food when describing a meal with him confusing the taste of fried fish and chicken. (31)

The appreciation for food is made apparent when the author is able to describe his memory of when he received his first cookbook: “My older sister and I were in elementary school when our mother bought us our first cookbook.” (31)

The author uses food and cooking as a type of identity that separated himself from his classmates: “While my classmates were taking acid and having sex in their cars, I was arranging sausage buttons and sliced peppers into smiley faces.”
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The purpose of this reading is to show the appreciation and understanding for the concept of in general. For the author, he didn’t need to every detail of taste and flavor to appreciate food. (32)

Food: A Reader for Writers: “Consider the Lobster: by David Foster Wallace

The first paragraph includes two sides of a perspective on a festival: “For 56 years, The Maine Lobster Festival has been drawing crowds with promise of sun, fun, and fine food. One visitor would argue the celebration involves a whole lot more.” (108)

The author includes a statistic including an approximated 25,000 of lobster near Maine are caught for the Festival in Maine. (109)

The different type ways to prepare of meal of lobsters is included by the author to advocate the number of ways a lobster can be eaten (108)

There are multiple definitions for a Crustacea (109)

Crustacea: “comprises carbs, shrimp, barnacles, lobsters, and freshwater crayfish.” (109), or according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is a type of animal (such as a crab or lobster) that has several pairs of legs and a body made up of sections that are covered in a hard outer
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