Oxygen Bearing Organic Compounds Lab Report

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Study of Organic Compounds that Contain Oxygen
Gutierrez⁺, Gomez, Granda, & Hernadez
Department of Biology, College of Science
University of Sto. Tomas, España Blvd., Manila

Date Submitted: October 22, 2014

Administering Dichomate Test, Tollen’s Test, Lucas Test, DNPH Test, Hydroxamic Acid Test and Iodoform Test, the common oxygen bearing organic compounds and functional groups will be distinguished through this methodical experimentation. Utilizing the different reagents and techniques, the reaction of the solution or compounds will reveal the identity of each standard compound. After the result is observed and noted, unknown samples were given, to be subjected to the same chemical test in order to identify the unknown compound.

KEYWORDS: • Oxygen-Bearing Organic Compound
• Functional Group
• Hydrocarbons
• Aldehydes
• 1⁰ alcohol, 2⁰ alcohol, 3⁰ alcohol
• Ketone ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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• DICHROMATE TEST Mix 10 drops of unknown sample to 5 drops of 10% K2Cr2O7(Potassium dichromate) and 5 drops of 6M H2SO4(Sulfuric Acid). Observe after 5 minutes. Potassium Dichromate is used to oxidize alcohol into aldehydes, carboxylic acid and ketone. The 1⁰ alcohol and 2⁰ alcohols are oxidized into carboxylic acid and aldehydes which turned the solution into a dark green liquid. While 3⁰ alcohol are oxidized into ketones that turned the solution into

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