Oxytocin Research Paper

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Isabella Flores
Mr. Jobe
Anatomy Period 3
11 December 2015
Oxytocin, also known as carbetocin, syntocinon, pitocin, and the love hormone. This hormone is a mammalian neurohypophysial hormone that acts as a neuromodulator in the brain. It can be found in many different areas, for instance like being induced into labor, afterbirth, sex, breast feeding, relationships, control bleeding after an abortion, and plenty others. This then alters some of the organs in the body including contraction of the cervix and vagina, which is involved in the orgasm. Oxytocin is also entangled with circadian homeostasis, which is body temperature, activity level, and when an individual is awake. It can also induce labor and release breast milk. Oxytocin
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Which then creates the uterus to shrink, causing labor contractions, and tightens the uterus after a baby is born to deliver the placenta. Oxytocin feeds off positive feedback, when there is more oxytocin to be released, it generated more of it. Which explains why a women in labor is continuously assembling contractions. It even clarifies as to why the more a mother breastfeeds, the more she is able to produce to feed the baby. When a woman induces her labor for any reason, synthetic oxytocin will usually be given to enceinte mothers through a vein to trigger labor contractions or to make the contractions she is feeling stronger. A dose of synthetic oxytocin can also be given after the child 's birth to stop postpartum…show more content…
If given too much oxytocin the woman 's uterus contract brutally causing the mother and baby to be in distress. When a situation like this happens, it leads to the doctor to make a decision from either having a natural birth or to perform a c-section. An increase of oxytocin can benefit who are diagnosed with autism or asperger 's. Heightened oxytocin levels have shown that a child with autism or aspergers are more likely to have an understanding of their surroundings and can help them be more social. Having too much has been linked to disorders of the prostate in men. Which may cause difficulty on using the

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