Oz The Great And Powerful Film Analysis

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Colours in movies sets mood of audience Colours and storytelling in films The great painter and art theorist Kandisnky once told, colour have emotional and physical effects on a person. Researchers’ say, colour improves memory, alter purchasing decision, indicate meaning and tell stories. This theory has very close relation with the use of colour as a storytelling mechanism in films. In the movie, Oz the Great and Powerful by Sam Raimi released in March 2013, is exciting and is visually appealing and likewise uses color as a conspicuous storytelling device. The first eighteen minutes of the movie along with the opening credit are black and white. This gave a nostalgic feel to the film. As Oz (the main protagonist) was in his hot air balloon, he was caught up by a storm, travels a long way and arrives to a magical land that happens to be called Oz, a place glowing with colour. The move from high contrast to shade was not moment. In the first place the sky turns into a bit blue, took after by the scene out of sight appears tinted and gets brighter. Throughout the span of a moment the black and white has given way to full colour. The storytelling element in the film has shown the contrast between the two worlds. There is an element of reality (black and white) over fantasy (colourfull) among the two worlds. In film making, colour is controlled to represent different periods of time or different world. Far from being completely black and white or totally

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