Ozone Layer Speech

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I. Introduction The ozone layer is a belt of ozone gas in the stratosphere, 6.2 up to 31 miles above the lithosphere. This layer serves as a barrier from the harmful ultraviolet- B radiations emitted by the sun (National Geographic, 2010). Ozone layer is composed of continuously interaction of ozone, a molecule that is composed of three oxygen atom molecules. Cornu and Hatley first described the unique role of these molecules in absorption of ultraviolet light. In addition, the ozone layer was first discovered in 1913 by Charles Fabry and Henry Buisson (Solomon, 1999) however, the properties was first described by Dobson who invented a simple spectrophotometer that could measure the stratospheric ozone from the ground (Sivasakthivel, 2011). Ozone layer is very important for the earth in such it absorbs about 93% up to 99% of the high frequency radiations. In today’s condition, the earth is suffering a drastic depletion of this layer due to excessive release of pollutants containing chlorine and bromine gasses of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and halons (Solomon, 1999). Recent studies states that these deteriorations let extra UV-B radiation to reach the earth’s surface that inhibits the reproduction of phytoplankton, organisms that make up the base of food chain. They also documented the declining reproductive rates if young fish, shrimp, frogs and crabs exposed to excessive UV-B (National Geographic, 2010). In relation, global warming is the rise on the global surface

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