Ozymandias Poem Analysis

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Ozymandias Ozymandias is a sonnet written by Percy Bysshe Shelley In late 1817 Percy Shelley and Horace Smith wanted to have a sonnet competition, they chose to write about the broken statue of Ramses ll also called Ozymandias that was gonna be brought to London from Egypt. Shelley’s sonnet was first published in 1818 and Smith’s poem was published shortly after. This poem was diffrent to what Shelley usually did. Ozymandias is one of the most known poets. Shelley was one of the poets who was known as The Romatics. Shelley was born in Horsham, Sussex. He came from a rich family and was gonna inherit alot of money from both sides of the family. He later got kicked out of univeristy for writing about atheism wich led to his father disinheriting him. At age 22 Shelley went to Europe with a woman named Mary Godwin, who later became Mary shelley and wrote Frankenstein. Shelley died at a young age only 29 he drowned when he was at a sailing trip to italy.…show more content…
You don’t learn much about the traveler in this poem, he could be a native from this antique place or he could be a tourist who has just passed by you don’t get to find out. It’s mostly the traveler’s description of the statue that takes up the poem, except when he he tells us what it says on the pedestal by the statue. Even though it’s the traveler speaking the words belong to Ozymandias wich kinda makes him the third speaker in this poem. The poem has serval settings first off it’s the meeting between the speaker and the traveler. You don’t get to find out where this meeting takes place it could be in the streets or maybe even in the desert. Not long after the poem takes place in the middle of the desert somewhere in Egypt. You don’t get to learn anymore there is no trace of anything else than the broken parts of the statue that is left in the
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