P & G Company Case Study

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Task 4
D1. Under this task I will evaluate how the marketing techniques of P&G Company organization have been a success

P&G Company has a unique logo as a company in whole along with its other products for example the head shoulders shampoo. The P&G Company logo is blue in color and consists of 26 tiny icons that represent each and every product produced by P&G Company. P&G Company has a reputation for value, low price and for being customer-focused. Moreover P&G Company has been particularly successful because of the strong brand. Branding associations have helped the company to expand into new sectors and markets. Has also been strong in the field of public relations, advertising and build its business at the local level. This
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P&G Company has a good range of products, including own label products. It seeks to provide excellent products and service, to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. Private label products have helped strengthen Profit Company, and through the good broad appeal, best brand and also P&G Company has received a wider consumer audience by advertising. Aggressive expansion abroad has helped to maintain high profits. While the disadvantage is that it’s cost full and time consuming, it takes up months to create a logo and put it out in public as well as a lot of money is invested to it, hence this might Couse product prices go up and another disadvantage also when it’s come to advertise their brand either on Television, Radios or Magazines its will be easier for the competitors who have similar product to copy the idea while in advertising it will be high risk for the P&G Company if they…show more content…
One example of P&G promotional advertising is Pantene shampoo, they mostly advertising use the easiest way of ' 'buy2-get-1 free ' ', this way, one needs to find the coupon on the shampoo that give the customer the ability to achieve this promotion. Customers will search for the two products with the coupon in order to get the free hair care product. This way, customers get influenced to buy a lot just to achieve the offer even if it 's unnecessary purchases. Furthermore this the sales will increases hence to the profit. The disadvantages of promotion is people think they shouldn 't buy just wait promotion to buy and another disadvantage Image quality may become tarnished If promotions in the rare category of products, promotions can have a negative effect on the image quality. Consumers may begin to doubt that maybe the product has not sold well, and the quality of the product is real compared with the price or the product is likely to be discontinued because they have become
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