Hydrochloric Acid Synthesis Essay

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3. Results The preliminary phytochemical screening of the roots of P. zeylanica showed the presence of sugars, steroids, flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenoids, quinones, phenols, and tannins (Table 11). Alkaloid was seen in ethyl acetate and methanol extracts while terpenoid was noticed only in the chloroform extract. Flavonoid was present only in the methanol extract. HPTLC fingerprinting of ethanol extract of P. zeylanica yield the following results. The Rf values and colour of the spots were recorded (Table 25). Photodocumentation under 254 nm gives 6 spots (Fig 16a), 14 spots under 366 nm (Fig 16b), and 9 spots under 620 nm post-derivatization with vanillin sulphuric acid spray reagent (Fig 16c). Densitometric scan at 254 nm revealed 7 peaks…show more content…
zeylanica revealed the presence of 8 peaks indicating the presence of 8 different compounds. Of the 8 constituents, except two all others were matched and identified. The results revealed that1,4-Naphthalenedione (40.09%) was the major component followed by Oleic Acid (19.95%), β.-Asarone (14.08%), Naphtho (2,3-b)furan-2(3H)-one(7.68%), Ethyl p-methoxycinnamate (4.58%), and n-Hexadecanoic acid (2.18%). Nephroprotective studies Kidney weight There is a significant increase in the weight of kidney by 50.6% in cisplatin administered group in comparison to normal control group. HAPZ administered at higher dose level has shown significant decrease in kidney weight when compared to cisplatin control group but the lower dose of HAPZ has no effect in this aspect. Serum urea In cisplatin administered group there was a remarkable significant increase (228.67%) in the serum urea level in comparison to the normal control group. The results indicated that the drug showed a dose dependent significant reduction in the serum urea level towards normal range. The higher dose of P. zeylanica reduced the concentration of urea by 68.2% when compared to cisplatin control group. Serum…show more content…
P. zeylanica administered group exhibited increase in the serum uric acid level in comparison to cisplatin control group, but was statistically insignificant. Serum sodium and potassium There was only a small insignificant increase in serum sodium level in the cisplatin administered group in comparison to normal control group P. zeylanica administered at both dose levels has shown decrease in the serum sodium level in comparison to cisplatin control group and the effect of the higher dose was found to be statistically significant. Serum potassium level was significantly decreased by 32.43% in the cisplatin administered group in comparison to normal control group. P. zeylanica also exhibited dose dependent reduction but the effect of higher dose alone was statistically significant. Effect of HAPZ on Kidney tissue oxidative stress
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