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In this report I will be comparing three different employers about their recruitment process and what approaches they use. The three companies I will be looking at are Teach First, Royal Navy and Rolls Royce. The Grad Edge Opportunities Fair provides opportunities for students to find out information about their potential careers.

The recruitment process for Teach First is a step by step process. The first thing an individual will need to do is apply online and then the application form is reviewed by a group of professionals who are experienced in that area. If the individual is successful at the first stage, the next stage that will follow is that the individual will be invited to an assessment centre. However every process is different.
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The first steps individuals have to undertake is that they need to meet the qualification criteria that are required and fill out a form to register which type of role they are interested in. After this, all individuals will then be contacted to talk about the options that are available for them. After this stage the individual will have to take a test that assesses basic English, maths and skills such as problem-solving and understanding of mechanics. After this the individual will be invited to an interview where they undertake an RT. Once they have passed the RT, the individual will move on to the next stage where they will have to have a medical exam and an eye test. They do this because being in the Royal Navy is a profession that is physically demanding, so each individual has to be in good health. It is important that every individual passes the Royal Navy fitness test.

The first stage is to apply online. If pass this stage you will be invited to an assessment centre where you will be assessed on your ability. In the assessment you will go through a test, group work, an interview and a behavioural interview. After this you will have to wait and see if you have an offer. This will take about 48hours. If you get the job you will start straight
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