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Unit: 9/ P1 1. Various Network Topologies: Star: Star topology is used to connect all computers to a central switch, which is responsible for forwarding the data to its destination computers. As shows in the diagram below: This type of topology is used with Ethernet and frame relay. Ring: Rings topology is used to connect all computers together in one single ring but if one computer Failed the whole network will fail. As shows in the diagram below: This method of topology is used by token ring and EAPS (Ethernet automatic protection system). Bus: In bus topology all computers connected to a central cable without any switch which cause to have problem with broadcast and many collisions. Nowadays bus topologies are rarely used due to…show more content…
Mesh: Mesh tropology is many interconnected Star topologies which are made up when each device connected to many others; this creates many possible paths that the data can travel through towards their destinations. This makes the network reliable by preventing any chance of Data loosing that might happen due failure to devices and links. As show in the diagram below: 2. LAN, WAN, WLAN and PAN…show more content…
The network required to connect the 2 research stations and ships to the headquarters in Cambridge: To connect the two research station and ships to the headquarters in Cambridge we need to use WWAN (Wireless Wide area network) technology, this will be done via the ISP which has satellite dish connected to satellite that revolve around the earth in a circular orbit, the satellite allows to transfer data wirelessly between many different networks around the world that connected to the WWAN. Each research station and the two ships should have satellite dish that connected to router and the router connected to switch that interconnect all wired devices in the stations and ships. As shown in the diagram below: 4. The network that the scientists could use while they are conducting their research in the field: The scientist will need to use WLAN in order to connect to the WWAN in the field, this is can be done by using special devices such as wireless access point located outside the station in the field that provides wireless IEEE 802.11g connection cover a wide area. Wireless access point is connected to the switch by fibre optic cable that connected to the satellite dish via a

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