Business Level 2 Unit 2 Sainsbury

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Unit 2:P1
A. A job description is a description of a job and what skills an employee is required to get the job.
B. The purpose of a job description is to show somebody who’s is interested in the job what personal and employability skills the employees has to have to be able to apply for this job.
C. 6 requirements for the Sainsbury trainee manager job
1. Being able to make sales and achieving targets
2. Supervising staff
3. Training and developing staff
4. Being able to handle cash
5. Ordering stock and maintaining stocks availability
6. Organising the warehouse
2. Personal specification
A. A personal specification is a personal description of the employee’s qualification, skills,
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Sainsbury put up job descriptions on the internet so that people who are interested in a job can read the job description on what skills and qualifications employee has to have to be able to get this job. Sainsbury use personal specification so that they can know what their employee’s previous work or experience and the qualification this gives the Sainsbury employer some information on the person trying to apply for the job and shows if they are suitable to work for Sainsbury. Sainsbury use application forms to find out personal information about the employee and if they need to contact them in an emergency they can find there contact information in their application…show more content…
Work experience in a similar job
It’s important to have work experience in a similar job as working in a supermarket because you will understand how the businesses are run, and it will give you good experience, you will also know what to expect when you start working at Sainsbury. This is important for requirement as your employer can see that you have experience in a similar business and you don’t need to learn the basics.
3. Ability to learn and observe
It’s important to have this ability as you will find very quick to learn anything that you haven’t come up across when training. This is important in retention as your manager will see that you are learning things very fast in the short term, overall this will help you get promotions and pay rises in the long run as your manager can see that you are learning thins very quickly.
4. Suitable qualification for the job
It’s important to have the right qualification when applying for a trainee manager job as it will give you a higher chance of getting the role and it shows that you will know a lot about how a business is managed. It’s important for retention because it shows your employer that you know how a business works because you have the right qualification to be able to manage a
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