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Marketing Communications: Communication is the essential task to establish a business. As “Brand name” is a non-profitable organization whose job is to collect surplus food from the functions held in richest suburbs in Sydney and also from various supermarkets, restaurants, café, bakeries, food manufacturer firms etc. for providing the vulnerable people, it will have to maintain proper communication with the donors. Information is the key to communicate or exchange with others for building relationship (UC Research Repository, 2014). Marketing communication mixes are the solution for building strong relationship with the donors. Through providing information about “brand name” intention and objectives to the donors, it can build their trust…show more content…
The functions in the richest areas in Sydney arrange huge amount of foods for the white-collar people and most of the time, extra foods are thrown to the garbage which can meet the vulnerable people’s hunger. So, it must be the certified non-profitable organization to specify its operation which will help itself to deal with those function management. It can contact with some big function/event organizers in Sydney such as Dolton House (Darling harbour), Coogee bay hotel (Coogee beach) etc. “Brand name” can also talk with the busy restaurants, café, bakeries in Sydney CBD areas about providing their excess foods to the hungry people. The supermarkets and food manufacturer firms can be the major source for food collection as they produce and keep ample amount of foods. “Brand name” can convince them through describing the main voluntary objectives and the emotional attachment with its service. The donors will obviously be convinced if they find that, “Brand name’s” operation is really to think about the hungry people in…show more content…
These can also attract the people who have a lot of money and want to do something for the welfare of the society. A fund can be raised from the general people through campaign for managing the operational expenses. The word-of-mouth is more influential than the other printed sources as it contains emotion of the speakers (Buttle, 1998). If “Brand name” can positioned its name to the general people’s mind then it will help a lot to create brand equity which will attract the philanthropists to raise their helping hand. The Big organizations usually have some fund for the society welfare and if they become attracted through the positive word-of-mouth, they can also provide fund to “Brand name”. The marketing communication mixes such as public relation (using Facebook, Tweeter- social media), direct marketing (one-to-one communication, telemarketing), online advertisements (YouTube, magazines, and newspapers) etc. can be used to build and maintain relationship with the donors and the general people. But one thing should always be in “Brand name” mind that it will have to maintain the promise to build the ‘trust’ among the

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