P1 Unit 6 Research Paper

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P9 The English had started to be more active since the Siege of Orleans. The Duke of Bedford started to call in troops from other English-occupied territories and started helping his allies on the battlefield more, however still demanded more money. P10 (a) After Charles and Joan reunited, Joan convinced Charles to go to Reims Cathedral to be crowned as the next King of France. From Louis VIII(8th) in 1223 to Charles X(10th) in 1825, the Reims Cathedral is the birthplace of kings of France. However, taking Charles to Reims would be no easy task seeing as Reims was far behind enemy lines. (b) The royal army wiped out the remaining English forces in the Loire Valley while the duke of Alencon was tasked of the venture. Joan’s and the Duke of Alencon’s first target was the town of Jargeau. After that, the towns of…show more content…
While gathering the army at Gien, Charles and Joan sent out letters requesting representatives from various cities to attend the coronation. They advanced boldly to Reims and on July 17, 1429, Charles was crowned King and officially became King Charles VII(7th). Joan of Arc was allowed a spot near Charles during the coronation,-holding her banner, she stood proudly. (b) After the ceremony,she wept and said these words: “Noble King, now is accomplished the pleasure of God, who wished me to lift the siege of Orleans, and to bring you to this city of Reims to receive your holy anointing, to show that you are a true king and the one to whom the kingdom of France should belong.” P12 On the 21st, a four-month treaty was signed and created a four-month truce in order to prevent the Royal Army from continuing its offensive and, in return, they would give several towns to the duke of Burgundy.However, in a scheduled peace conference during spring, documents were discovered, exposing English plans to prepare and attack to launch during the
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