Unit 2 P2 Health And Social Care Essay

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P2 Introduction In the workplace Health and safety is a large factor as if someone gets hurt it can be very costly for the employer and the worker. So certain regulations are put in and have to be followed on site to make sure no one gets hurt. Depending on what work is happening on site different regulations apply to different people. If these regulations aren’t followed it can affect the flow of the work place. If the whole team are following the regulations it makes it easier for goals to be achieved. Regulations can be put in before an accident to prevent it or after to make sure it doesn’t occur again. If no one is getting injured then productivity in the workplace will increase as your workforce will be stable and you have the best people…show more content…
If you are someone that employs people who work at height or if you control work at height e.g. a facilities manager or the owner of the structure who contracts you to work at height the regulations apply to you. These people must make sure that the work to be done at height is well planned, properly supervised and that the people completing the works are competent. This includes wearing correct PPE and using the correct equipment. They should also assess any risks before the works can begin. It also falls under the employee to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by the work they are doing. They should also keep constant communication between themselves and the employer to enable their health and safety duties and requirements to be complied with. Conclusion Health and safety is a big factor in modern day construction. So to make sure no one gets injured or even killed regulations are put in. There are so many different regulations because of there are so many risks in construction. But by following these Regulations the site can be safe. I think the main way of being safe on site is making sure everyone is competent so everyone knows what they are doing while ensuring they are in compliance with the regulations that apply to
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