P4 Human Resources Selection And Planning Essay

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P4 - Factors that affect selection, planning and implementation of Creative and Therapeutic Activities. Setting: The setting or surrounding environment is essential to selecting, planning and implementing a suitable activity according to the needs of the service user. Selecting an activity requires you to acknowledge the setting it will take place in, therefore the Setting affect the deliverance of the activity. The setting will also affect the planning of the activity by considering the possibilities and risks, in order to structure out a satisfactory plan to carry out the activity advisable to the service user or group. After planning the activity chosen, the setting is what sets the scene and image of the deliverance of the activity to fit the atmosphere of the Care home. Age: Despite Age not defining maturity, it is still an important factor to consider for the process of an activity. Selecting and picking out an applicable activity for an age group, is advised to stick with intellectual ability and preference of the age group, so they are content, which is why it is an important factor in activities. When planning and structuring out an arrangement of the activity, you have to think about the intellectual differences…show more content…
For a service provider or activities coordinator, they have to favour the activity to conform to the service user’s physical abilities and select a suitable activity that consists around the needs. Planning is similar in the way that physical abilities are considered, risks are included and precautions are made to ensure the safety, enjoyment and contentment of the service user or group. Physical abilities will affect the performance and implementation of the activity by seeing and acknowledge the differences and variety of needs that are acquired to carry out the
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