Unit 5 Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 2 Analysis

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P4: This task will explain 2 different national initiatives, stating when they were set up, the purpose and also how they promote anti-discriminatory practises. It will also talk about Charters and their importance, whilst discussing 2 of the codes of practices’.

Care Standards Act 2000
The Care Standards was established in 2000, its’ aim is to ensure that the standards of care within all institutions were not inadequate as the rules and regulations have to be adhered to. The care standards act try’s to make sure that all institutions are equipped and well facilitated to meet the needs of those within the provision. The act defines discrimination as not
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Whilst the professionals follow the code of conduct it reassures them that there making the correct decisions. The purpose of the code is to protect the public as it enables to professionals to understand what they need to do and allows the public to know what to expect from the organisation. The professionals should promote privacy by respecting the confidentiality of the service user. They should only disclose information in accordance with legislation and the policies. Within this code the support workers are made accountable the decisions they make. For example if they are unaware of how to approach certain situations they should speak to their supervisor to prevent them from not meeting the standards.
Organisational Policies and Procedures
One of the first policies is the positive promotion of the rights of individuals; this can be achieved by the health and social care provision displaying charters around the environment, which clearly state what rights the service users are entitled too. Additionally the organization should give newly appointed staff a handbook that enables them to understand what the organisation expects from them.
Another procedure is through advocacy, if the individual is unaware of the rights they are entitled too, or unable to communicate effectively they can have an advocate.
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The organisation must be aware of all of the recent changes in order for the health care provisions to provide the best quality of care. The organisations employ managers who have the duty to ensure that all of the policies are adhered too, staffs are trained on a regular basis and that the improvement of care should be monitored after the training is provided.
Health and social care provisions must have polices in place to deal with all forms of bullying or harassment. In accordance with the law if this occurs within the provision it can be dealt with by legislation, as laws are enforced to prevent bullying/harassment from happening. However, the health and social care establishment should still be able to effectively deal with cases like these.
Human rights play a significant part within the health and social care sector. The health care professionals should have knowledge on human rights entitlements and how to deal with any issues that infringes the rights that an individual is entitled too. The professionals should be able to practise in an anti-discriminatory manner that does not contravene anybody’s human

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