P5 Unit 5 Assignment

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Unit 5 Discussion: Integration
While the concepts in Word, were already familiar to me. I do feel I build upon my knowledge in Word. I learned more about using features like WordArt and the Shapes features. I learned how to make my documents in Word look more professional with the skills that I have learned. Where I feel that I have learned the most and grown the most was the time that I spend in Excel. While I was not all together new to Excel, I did not know how to use a lot of the features in Excel. Some of the things that I have learned was how to make equations and use the Auto Sum feature. I also learned how to make my workbooks and charts look professional and interesting at the same time. I do feel that my skills have grown and that I have learned a lot during this course. Which Excel being a potential large part in my industry, I feel I have a solid knowledge foundation in which I can grow upon.
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One scenarios would be keeping track of your forecasting in a restaurant. In this business of the biggest things as a manager is forecasting futures sales and planning a budget based on this information. Using the skills that I have learned in Excel, I know that I could make a chart that expressed how much sales I think I would be getting and what my budget for things like labor cost, food cost, and my other costs would be. With this information so easily displayed and calculated, I could easily decide on how many people to schedule (which I could also do in Excel), how much product to order (I can keep track of my stock with Excel too). All of these things I can do in Excel to make sure that my book are kept neat and clean and that the information that I need is always a click away and would be easily understood by anyone who needed to see

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