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Today, some athletes exceed others easily, and it’s not a secret how. It’s actually easy to play to the best of your ability with just a small change, doping. Since the 1980’s athletes have been taking performance enhancing drugs to increase their chance of beating opponents. Even though PED’s might harm the body, they should be allowed in pro sports because they improve the amount of spectators and they help athletes get back on to competing as quickly. Without athletes taking PED’s the audience isn’t as massive as if they do. If someone was a baseball player and they hit an average of one home run for every ten games, people wouldn’t think that they could hit a homerun when they go to the games; however, if a baseball player hit an average of one home run for every two games, then people will want to come more because they will have a better chance of hitting a home run while they are there. For example, written by Chris Smith in the Forbes magazine, in the late 1990’s Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa played pronounce seasons which caused seats to fill and souvenir stores to empty, after taking PED’s (2012, pg.1). This means that without two athletes taking PED’s, the stands weren’t nearly as filled as when they did. As you can see, without PED’s people won’t want to go see pro athlete’s play.

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Yes, they could harm the body in the long run, but it’s up to the athlete to take the chance or not. PED’s are just one type of anabolic steroid out of numerous that help athletes perform to the best of their ability and if they aren’t legalized people will still take them. To put it into perspective, not let athletes use PED’s is like not letting high school students get quizzed on from a parent or friend to help them study for a test. Now, what would you do if you couldn’t study for a

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