PEST Analysis And Pest Analysis Of Graphic Design

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The sector we have chosen is trading and services sector, it is also known as tertiary industry. We start our graphic design business by providing intangible products and services right to the clients, which are designing company logo, making business cards and other related graphic design activities.
PEST Analysis
Social trend shows that pictures and graphic can leave strong impression on people. Hence, a logo is important to a company so that the customer will be able to recognize the company by just seeing the logo. For example, Genting logo is world-recognized (Appendix 1.0). Not only we can design company logo, we can also design logo for some events and fairs such as moon cake festival event, IT fair, MATTA fair, PICOM fair, education
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A creative and effective website can attract people to visit website. This has provided the opportunity to an entrepreneur to increase his sales or bring benefits to his business and nonetheless the chance to promote Han’s Creation, our company’s services to others or even internationally. So in order to achieve the above, they will need graphic design industry to help them by providing them professional and creative solutions or ideas for their business website. In addition, the industry may also use new and updated computer system that available in the market to provide designing solution to…show more content…
Furthermore, this may help buyers to reduce their cost of spending. This industry normally will have their unique potential and design software that cannot get easily from the market aim to ensure the quality of their designing outcomes in the market. If the designing solutions are able to get the heart of the clients, they may pay more willingly or even pay without any consideration for the design.
There are few substitutes that can replace of in this industry. For example, entrepreneurs that graduated from graphic design school or university. This is because they qualified in this area since they have learned a lot from their design courses. So they may design the logo, brochure and so on for themselves without hiring or cooperating with graphic design company. As a graphic designer, to avoid this problem, we provide learning courses occasionally to our junior graphic designers to ensure unique work and ideas so that we will not

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