Mokai Pest Analysis

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PEST analysis
In order to achieve great performance a company needs to be aware of how vary factors affect the industry in which it operates.
In this report we are talking about the Danish company Cult, more specifically its brand Mokai. The company operates in the beverage industry, therefor we are going to take a look at some important factors affecting this sector, as following: political factor, economic factor, socio-cultural factor and technological factor.
These external macro environmental factors usually affect and determine the sector of activity and nonetheless they affect the position of a business in the market. By analysing them and see the interdependent relationship between all of them, we aim to achieve insight into the environment
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In other words, in order to use this situation as efficiently as possible, Mokai alongside Cult Company should be seen as a ‘green’ organisation, with a high approach towards social responsibility. Unfortunately, the company should work on its PR image, as not long ago, Mokai brand was the brand is associated with excessive use of alcohol, criminality and stupidity. This situation is highly unfavourable for Mokai, when considering enlarging its target market in terms of age (up to 35). In contrary, for the current segment of young individuals, the situation seemed not to have affected much the company, in contrary helped creating brand awareness among its…show more content…
Nowadays, the food and beverage industry deals with a new trend in terms of manufacturing, as a result of consumer health consciousness and his need for more clarity regarding product content. This could be referred as label transparency, which means that the players of this sector should pay more attention in highlighting the naturalness and origin of their products, if they aim to satisfy customer needs and increase sale.
Considering the innovation factor, companies operating on the Danish market should approach a focus on health benefit of their brand due to the fact that health and wellness are important characteristics of the Danish buyer. The over 30’s consumer who drinks alcohol regularly, in example every weekend when out with friends, has a higher level of health consciousness than the 20 something consumer and also has a bigger buying power. If he/her believes that the drink doesn’t match any of his imagined health benefits (in example too high in sugar, carbohydrate) might substitute Mokai with a mix of beverages of his own choice, lower on sugar and carbonation

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