PEST Analysis: Macro Pest Analysis Of Google Inc

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PEST Analysis of Google Inc.
PEST analysis is used to determine the political, economical, social and technological factors in an external environment of an organization. These factors affect an organizations activities and performances. After researching Google’s macro economical factors using the PEST analysis model, the following was concluded:
1. Political Factors:
Government stability is one of the major aspects in Google 's strategy. If the market is stable, governments help businesses and so these businesses advertise more on Google, hence, benefitting Google. In addition, most of the governments do not have identified laws for online information sharing, thus, giving Google the opportunity to manipulate laws. However, China has created a barrier for Google by adding regulations that forbid Google from operating on their terms
Economic Factors:
With the stable and continued growth of those countries, Google’s internal and external investments will always be high in numbers. Users search more; hence more advertisements are put on Google’s search engines. The amount of users around those counters can impact on Google positively and lead them to establish better services and more products for their users leading the it being a strength to Google economically.
Interest rate can have a positive or negative impact are depending on a company’s dealings. Google is a company that relies on investments, this means when interest rates increase gradually in a country, The more

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