PEST Analysis: Political Instability In Pakistan

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PEST Analysis Political Instability. The political situation of Pakistan is not satisfactory. Due to the rapid change in the Government every government sets its own new trade policies. Govt. should apply sustainable policies for the beneficial of the exporters as well as the investors. Economic situation: The economic condition of Pakistan can also affect the foreign investors increasing inflation rate make the cost of production high and thus reduce the profit margin of the investor. Social situation: The change in the lifestyle of the people affects the growing demand of the NTM products. The change in the lifestyle and needs in different demographics also affect the demand of the customers. Due to all these changes NTM is performing excellent…show more content…
Learning as internee It was a tremendous experience that I have availed with devotion and commitment. I have an interest in textile industry that’s because Textile is the back bone of the economy of the country. But one thing I want to share its not easy that looks it has a great toughness and complications in its process but the overall it was nice and great. Here I am sharing some of my learning regarding my internship in different departments. •First I met Mr. Yoshifumi Nariyama the sales representative of KANAI from JAPAN who came to introduce some new products in NML. I discussed about the marketing practices going on in the international Textile market. Ie to target your customer after knowing needs with product solution of the customer need. •In the spinning unit I have learnt about the yarn construction and the yarn specification and the process of cotton to yarn. •I learnt that every problem is solved with a systematic process like from the root of the problem.…show more content…
The effectiveness of its management, their willingness to take advantage of opportunities and face challenges of changing economic picture, this all contributes to the very much improved and sound position of company. This is really appreciable for the devotion and hard work of all the employees of the company Recommendations Recommendations for Improvements are: •At present facility of bonus is given only to production staff but such incentives should also be given to Head office Staff. •Special incentives should also be given to Head on Eid and on other special days should be given to the workers. •Medical facilities are given in mill but such facilities should also be given to management. •Different training courses should be arranged for the up lifting and improving the quality of work for employees •They provide transportation facility to only female employees I think male should also be provided with conveyance convenience. This will create the easiness for workers and reduce the wastage of time. •There is also a problem of work overload for the employees and it should be control properly so that the employees are motivated. •Employees should be paid extra for the work which they done after working

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