PESTLE Analysis: Pestle Analysis On The Case Of Abortion

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2.1 Politic
Abortion is an act that is prohibited by the State also the religion. However, there are exceptions in section 75 subsection (2) of the health Act legalized abortion in pregnancy because of rape victims or who couldn’t continue due to a medical emergency. The society agrees and respects to the issued about the decision on the Government’s regulations concerning the case of abortion, namely article 31 regulations on reproductive health. Abortion can be described as political rights because the Government was weighing the interests of women and children as well as the angle of the medicine that appreciates life. The Government makes a regulation to get right on the target so as not to give rise to the
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Don't let the Government’s regulation become contrary to the Act No. 23 of 2002 on child protection. Legalizing abortion, it should be followed by a clear mechanism involving related agencies, such as the police, the Ministry of Health and Hospitals. For example, must be evidenced by a team of experts with some requirements i.e., for victims of rape, the gestational age less than 40 days calculated from the first day of the last menstruation. For the prospective mother should abortion because of a medical emergency, the team of experts will give counseling before and after the action.

2.2 Economic
The number of economy in Indonesia, which led to many reasons why a woman does her pregnancy against that abortion keep risks from the medical side, especially if done in a non-secure is not through the process of a medical professional who certainly cost is not cheap. The inability to finance the process of childbirth and lack of a family's support or a problem with the husband, as well as not yet ready to have an offspring due to economic factors are some of the reasons why a woman do the abortion.

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The management of hospital also frequently updates the machinery and tools used to treat the patients, it means that they’re using the latest medical technology, enhance the service quality, as well as the efficiency of the treatment.
The development of information technology all around the world, including Indonesia which lets the patient to do online consultation through email and find all of the information they need regarding their health problem and concern by simply browsing the internet.
2.5 Legal
There has been legalization for abortion in Indonesia, not for the whole case but only for the case of medical emergency for both the mother and the baby, also for the rape victims. It is legally stated in Medical Law in 2009 and also in Government Regulation Number 61 Year 2014 about the Reproduction

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