Explain Why It Is Important To Exercise During Your Own Fitness Past And Future

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Charne van der Walt Life Orientation PET Task Task 1: My own fitness past and future Exercise during my high school career During my high school career at Maragon Private School I participated in a number of physical activities. I took part in tennis and swimming in the first term, hockey in the second and athletics and squash in the third term. Other physical activities which I took part of include ballet and multiple hiking trips over a period of up to 5 days. These hiking trips were the epiphany of my high school career. They supplied me with time to relax and just be myself within nature with no stress of school work. Benefits while at school All of these physical activities greatly benefitted me as they allowed me to meet new people and challenged myself to be myself around other people. They…show more content…
It is essential to cool down in order to avoid lactic acid from building up in your muscles causing your muscles to become stiff. Flexibility: Stretching your muscles improves your ability to move around and reduces the chances of getting injured during exercise. Through stretching your muscles the tension in your muscles will also be relieved and even betters your posture. Therefore flexibility plays an important role in exercise as well as your everyday lifestyle. Cardiovascular exercises: As the name suggests, cardiovascular exercise works with your heart. Cardiovascular exercises speed up your heart rate in order to pump more blood around the body for the body muscles to move. Cardio requires a lot of energy from the body, therefore helps break down stored fat which it uses for energy. It is related to aerobic exercises which increase your breathing rate to supply the body with more oxygen. The Fitness Programme: Preparations:  Wear comfortable exercise clothes, which allow for optimum movements.  Clear an open area for comfortable and easy

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