PETA Proposal Analysis

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Isabelle Tan Ms Sheela Sarvananda 1WRICRI T102 10 February 2015 Proposal Proposition This Proposal aims to educate Singaporean youth on animal welfare by explaining why animal abuse is wrong and by suggesting ways to help animals in need through the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organising media campaigns such as a viral video, a social media contest and a series of interactive advertisements. Preface Although PETA is notorious for its highly provocative campaigns, the organisation is not widely known in Singapore due to the lack of advertising efforts. As the world’s largest animal rights group, PETA strives to educate as many people as possible on animal welfare so as to stop animal cruelty globally. The organisation also strongly believes in using controversial advertising tactics to get its message across clearly and effectively. As a result, the group is often criticised harshly for its offensive and insensitive advertising campaigns. However, PETA’s campaigns do not reach out to Singaporean youth as they are rarely found in Singapore. The problems that can arise from the current advertising strategy include a lack of awareness on the issue of animal welfare among Singaporean youth as well as a tarnished reputation for PETA. There is a high possibility of Singaporean youth ignoring and rejecting PETA’s messages as they may find its campaigning method too provoking and insincere. This may result in a lack of understanding on animal welfare among

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