PETA Rhetorical Analysis

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PETA is an acronym for the non profit organization of people for the ethical treatment of animals. The are dedicated to the protecting the rights of animals. The narrative is told by a small girl saying a blessing at a Thanksgiving table. The story is laden with propaganda and oppositional text . The message the girl is conveying in her blessing is the turkey suffers while being raised to be slaughtered. She then proceeds to explain the slaughter process in graphic detail to shock the viewer. The for an added dose she additional makes comments about chemincal, dirt and feces in the turkey after it killed and ready to cook. The audience of this video is all meat eating people regardless of age. The emotional appeal that is used to sway you…show more content…
The cooked turkey ( the mascot of thanksgiving) is being placed on the table and the man placing the turkey requests the girl to say a blessing. She starts the blessing by shocking the audience with thanking god for the turkey they are about to eat and the turkey farms where they pack the turkeys in dark little sheds for their whole lives. This is clearly propaganda to shock the audience into listening to more of the rhetoric. She then proceeds to tell of mistreatment of turkeys in captivity and the killing of them to prepare for dinner table. And then to add insult to injury she states thank you for the special chemicals, dirt and poop in the turkey which we are about to eat. The faces of the people at the table clearly indicate discomfort and disturbed looks on their faces. Then she states let’s eat and they look among them like who can eat after that blessing. This is total persuavie logic and emotional appeal by giving a negative message on the preparation of the turkey for the table. Her goal is to make the people at the table as well as the audience viewing uncomfortable with facts that are skewed towards peta. The stereotype here is white American families are participating in Thanksgiving and find some of the facts and persuasive language used in the blessing disturbing. This blessing is an appeal to prejudices of the listeners. The Branding is clear in the last 2 slides of the video by be thank
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