PHD Proposal: Inhumanity Equals Statelessness

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PHD Proposal Inhumanity Equals Statelessness Every human round the world has his right to have a nationality. So statelessness carries on to be a main cause of injustice, forced displacement, exploitation, and discrimination round the world. Statelessness is having no state, and statelessness people are actually not being recognized by any state. Therefore, they have no rights as a member of a state. The statelessness issue is usually comes as a result of legal or political issue. Unfortunately, it has a highly negative impact especially on children, women, old people, and ethnically diverse people. Therefore, it has serious negative humanitarian effects for those who have no state, for example, they do not have any legal protection or any…show more content…
Up to date, 89 states have adopted by the United NationsConference on the Status of refugees and Stateless Persons which first held in the 1954 and entry into force in June, the 6th 1960 (UNTC 2018).According to UNTC (2018) only 29 states were party to the 1961 Conventionwhich aimed to reduce Statelessness. A number of individuals suffer from the negative impact of statelessness. Refugees International (2018) states that “Themost recentfigures from the UN Refugee Agencyshow that in 2016, more than 65 million peoplewere forced from their homeby wars, conflicts, and persecution — more thanat any other timesince records began.”Most of these people are from some of the ethnic groups of Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka Muslims’ minorities, Soviet bloc, the Bhutanese in Nepal, Palestinians,Saudi Arabia, and in several African states. Sadly, the list is very long despite we are now in the…show more content…
The statelessness problem lies at the center of the tensity of the internationality of rights and the jurisdiction of the sovereign states over its territories. So the stateless persons situated out of the framework of the nation-state that the international relations and the international law ease. This theses also will raise a debate, by characterizing the major challenges to guaranteeing the stateless people rights. First, it reviews the provisions relating to the stateless people status in the 1954 Convention, and the international procedures which adopted to response and address the statelessness issue. Despite it has crucial provisions to maintain the stateless status and their rights, but it has several clear

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