PICO Analysis: Hospital Acquired Infection

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There are different evidence-based model that utilize a process for developing a question, finding, considering, evaluating, and repeating as required. As PICO elements involves; Problem/ Patient/ Population, Intervention/ Indicator/ Comparison, Outcome, and Time frame/ type of study.
However, this paper will do PICO analysis of the study “Hospital Acquired Infection is Inversely Related to Utilization of Isopropyl Alcohol and Tissue Paper Pulls–A Prospective Observational Study,” which is related to hand hygiene compliance and infection. Therefore, for hand hygiene compliance and infection, the researcher has developed a PICOT question, mentioned below;

PICOT Question
Does usage of tissue paper rolls and isopropyl alcohol decreases nosocomial
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It is constantly and visibly seen that exercising of hand hygiene is preventive aspect for the hospitals that acquired disease. However, it is significant for the infection control system and hospital officials to get the appropriate view of prevailing and practicing hand hygiene within the healthcare service. It is mainly achieved by the direct observation that self-reporting through healthcare staffs and indirect measurement based hygiene of hand antiseptic usage of the product. So, various healthcare facilities have prepared to evaluate the indirect replacing tool of hand hygiene with the healthcare facilities and among the healthcare workers. Since the study is related to an Indian hospital then the tools that they used will be explained here as usage of alcoholic hand rub and tissue paper towel may leads to hand hygiene practice. However, while studying the occurrence and consumption of alcohol hand rub and quantity of tissue paper rolls can be applied as replacing tool of practicing hand hygiene among the healthcare…show more content…
Hence, in this way, people were got used to with these hand hygiene markers. Hence, it is recommended for different healthcare facilities to give awareness to their healthcare administrators and health infection nurses to use hand hygiene markers in order to avoid nosocomial infection. This aspect will deteriorate the mortality and morbidity rate as well from the healthcare and among the patients since majority of the diseases are contagious and are travelled from either physicians or nurses to patients. This effect leads to more diseases among patients, nurses, administrators, and physicians as well. This aspect controls the committee and supply chain of the healthcare facility and hospitals to keep a watch on the health acquired infection. Not only but it is also recommended for the visitors to use alcohol hand rub while coming out from the patient’s room. This practice will keep them healthy and will also give an image regarding the hospital that the administration doesn’t only care about their patients but also care about the health of their

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